The PacificUS Forum is a blog project by Genevieve Neilson to bring attention to security, economic, and political issues in the Pacific. And sometimes to share adventures.

Using the terms ‘Pacific’ or ‘Indo-Pacific’ designates a focus on maritime space in the Asia-Pacific region. With small island states seeking to be called large ocean states, this recognises the importance of the blue economy, and ocean conservation. Indo-Pacific is also more commonly used in discourses of the United States and Australia, both major powers and locations where the editor is based. The region holds many sites of geopolitical and economic struggle, including a growing consumer class in Asia, island states at the forefront of impacts from climate change, security flashpoints on the Korean peninsula, and crises in refugee resettlement.

This forum intends to concentrate on the following areas:

  • Trade & Investment
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Finance
  • Agriculture
  • Foreign Policy
  • Democracy & Governance
  • Public Policy
  • Sustainable Development


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Pacific Climate Change Conference Identifies Contradictions & Capacity

The likelihood of conferences on climate change to be impacted by severe weather events is on the rise. In February 2018, many participants of the Pacific Climate Change Conference were delayed or prevented from arriving in New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. We participated in the conference because we understood the grave dangers that lie ahead … Continue reading Pacific Climate Change Conference Identifies Contradictions & Capacity

Like a Puffin in Winter: Escape to the Faroe Islands

In my return to the blogosphere in 2018, I am breaking from my traditional posts. This time, I wanted to share more personal story (mainly photos), from my time in a remote archipelago in the Northern Atlantic, far from the Pacific. Tourists to the Faroe Islands are rare in winter, as many places are closed … Continue reading Like a Puffin in Winter: Escape to the Faroe Islands

Blue Diplomacy: Interpreting the New Ross Sea Marine Protected Area

This week, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Antarctica’s McMurdo Station, becoming the highest ranking U.S. official to visit the continent. His visit will bring international attention to the new Ross Sea Marine Protected Area (MPA) and showcase the Obama Administration’s commitment to conservation and acting on climate change. But, if Antarctica is … Continue reading Blue Diplomacy: Interpreting the New Ross Sea Marine Protected Area

Asia-Pacific Profile: Susi Pudjiastuti

Who is she? Susi Pudjiastuti has been the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in Indonesia since 2014. She is known for her strong personality and tough stance on illegal fishing. Prior to being appointed as Minister, Ms. Susi had seafood export and charter airline (Susi Air) businesses where she gained notoriety and amassed a … Continue reading Asia-Pacific Profile: Susi Pudjiastuti

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